Alberto de la Cruz

Alberto de la Cruz

I produce mobile games that focus on fun and gratification.

I’m the founder of Token Interactive—a mobile gaming studio. I also teach game and app design at Parsons School of Design and mentor prospective UI/UX designers at Designlab. Prior to game design, I was the lead product designer at Stayawhile—in charge of their UI/UX and front-end development—and also served as a designer at several NYC tech startups.

I build applications that are both fun and approachable, where every decision is driven by design and player satisfaction. I believe game design is an iterative process, where communication and solving player needs are critical. I’m great at hitting tight deadlines by figuring out simple solutions to complex problems, cutting the right corners in the process. In my spare time I like playing sixth-generation video games, reading manga, and drinking cold brew.


For each of these titles I led the development from concept to creation by serving as director, producer, art director, and designer.

Train Drive 3D (Coming Soon)

Reel Superstar (iOS/Android)

Sticky Tower! (iOS/Android)

Perfect Puppies (iOS/Android)

You’re the President (iOS/Android)

Hyper Paparazzi (iOS/Android) (iOS/Android)

Road Spin 3D (iOS/Android)

Split and Run (iOS/Android)

Capriccio Hunt (iOS/Android)

The Little Mermaid: Circus Escape (iOS)

Jet Forest (Facebook Instant Games)

Arithmatic (iOS)

UX Work


Public Speaking



A small collection of other projects I’ve created, sometimes for work and sometimes for fun.


The Little Mermaid Storytime (iOS/Android)

Creepypasta Stickers (iOS)

Golden Dragon Font Family

T-shirt Design


Feel free to reach out!