ArtBinder Personas

ArtBinder Personas

At ArtBinder, we had a range of applications that ranged from consumer facing to enterprise B2B solutions that all utilized their own independent systems. The project I was tasked with was identifying, interviewing and synthesizing all the key users for this range of applications in preparation of the launch of the new version of their new IMS, one that uses the same backend system across all products.

Working with the sales and customer success teams as well as users, I found that the user that actually makes the financial decision to purchase the product is not the user that actively uses the products on their day-to-day workflow. With that information I developed a tiered system for the Personas.

With this system we can identify the types of shareholders and engage them throughout the product lifecycle.

By analyzing the user research, I developed workflows of the various personas, both in daily use as well as in art fair usage, which accounts for up to 60% of their total sales.

Finally, I identified the customer journey, listing the ways marketing, sales and client success work together to recruit customers and how they are able to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.