Alberto de la Cruz

Designer — Alberto Guillermo de la Cruz — 


Hello! I'm a designer, web developer, and product manager based in New York. Currently, I'm the founder of Token Interactive—a startup game studio—and I teach game, website, and app design at Parsons School of Design. Previously, I was the Lead Product Designer at Stayawhile, in charge of their UI/UX and front-end development. Before that I've worked on design at places like ArtBinder and Alice, and have independently launced two apps, Arithmatic and Creepypasta Stickers. I believe design is visual engineering. When I work I always think about the content before the form. I am skilled in UI/UX design, graphic design, illustration and front-end development.
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UI/UX & Front-end Development

Stayawhile—Design and front-end development for a web application that allowed users to book any of the units in our network of branded furnished apartments.

UI/UX & Front-end Development

Stayawhile Internal Dashboard—An internal CRM to help our team set up new units, contact vendors, manage apartment bookings and maintain customer profiles

UI/UX & Front-end Development

Stayabit Token Sale—Design, development and branding for the ICO of a utility token for the furnished apartment rental industry, built on the Ethereum blockchain.

UI/UX & App Design

Arithmatic—An educational mobile game for iPhone, players must solve arithmetic questions as quickly as possible and compete in leaderboards.

App Design, Illustration & Animation

Creepypasta Stickers—A horror-themed sticker app for iOS based on the best creepy stories found online, with over 20 animated stickers available for free.

Font Design

Golden Dragon Font Family—An open-source display font family based on the classic poster from Enter the Dragon.

UI/UX & User Research

ArtBinder Personas—Persona development and user research for ArtBinder's customers and products.

UI/UX Design

Alice Concierge CRM—A customer relationship management system designed for hotel concierge.

Coded Work

divPixels—An easy to use, browser-based pixel art tool, built as a weekend project in JavaScript.

White with Red—Illustrations accompanying a short horror story of the same name, made interactive and built with SVG animations.

NYC Vehicle Collisions 2014—An interactive map of NYC plotting vehicles collisions by victim type, time and location. Built with D3 and Leaflet.

Check out my gists.

Printed Work

An Anthology of American Classics—A compilation of four volumes of classic American literature, designed and bound within the same book.

USS Maine Memorial Booklet—A booklet describing the history of the USS Maine, its destruction, the beginning of the Spanish-American War, and an analysis of the monument built to commemorate it.

Arroz Blanco—A t-shirt and sticker line made for Puerto Rico Comic-Con, designed as a cross between Puerto Rican and otaku culture.

Designed and coded by Alberto Guillermo de la Cruz